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Do You Really Need A Web Site?

Especially if you run a small business, it's a good idea to ask yourself why you want a web site and what you expect it to do.

Why The Answer May Be "Yes"

Here are some analogies that may not have crossed your mind:

A web site is like a business card...

  • Except you only print it once, and hundreds, thousands, or millions of people might see it
  • Except a customer can't e-mail you through your business card

A web site is like a billboard ad...

  • Except you only pay for the sign once, and the traffic passing through can give it their full attention
  • Except people "driving by" can stop and learn anything about your business that you care to share with them

A web site is like a print ad...

  • Except you only pay once, and can change the ad copy whenever you like
  • Except you can't put a video, fact sheet, or contact form in a magazine or newspaper

Think about whatever you happen to budget each year for things like business cards, yellow pages ads, print ads, or direct mail, and think about the value of accomplishing what all of these services accomplish, but with a one-time expense.

Our Pitch

You're going to make up your mind based on what you see, not what we say. We could serve up some "corporate speak", like...

"By focusing on usability and thinking outside the box, we use key metrics to leverage seamlessly integrated solutions to maximize the return on investments for enterprise eBusiness environments. Architected to provide tighter integration and deeper collaboration, our designs provide users real-time product knowledge, helping to streamline efficiencies in the supply chain, and reduce costs as a value add for the end-user"

...but we'd prefer to just speak English, and otherwise let our work speak for itself. Feel free to contact our clients though, we think they'll give us a good rap. And by all means contact us if you think we might offer what you need.

Here, in any case, is a list of the basic services we're able to provide for our clients:

  • Basic Site Design: HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Graphic Design/Image Editing
  • Multimedia: Audio/Video/Flash
  • Copywriting
  • Search Optimization
  • CGI programming: PHP, Perl, MySQL
  • Data & Document Conversion
  • Web Hosting

We look forward to hearing from you if you think we can serve your needs.

Last Updated: April 2005

While it may or may not make sense to try and sell your goods directly on line, there's a new consumer trend that can have a tremendous impact on small business. It's called:

"Cross-Channel Shopping"

You may have done this yourself...

"Cross Channel Shopping" is a term coined to describe a relatively new trend in consumer shopping habits. With the exception of books, music, and movies - which are items increasingly purchased on line - shoppers are more and more often researching products on the web before they go to a local store and make a purchase.

According to recent research by leading media research organizations like Jupiter, Gartner and Nielsen ...

44% of consumers prefer the Internet as their leading information channel, compared to 20% who prefer magazines and television.

Cross-channel shoppers spend a median $400 at local stores after conducting research online.

By 2007 advertisers are expected to spend slightly more on the Internet than on magazines

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