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Sometimes That PowerPoint
Presentation Doesn't Quite Cut It...

With all the other tools available these days, why do people continue to use the PowerPoint/portable projector combination?

Because it's the standard.

Why just be "standard"? Why not think about some new approaches to presenting your promotional and training materials? For quite reasonable rates, we can provide you with:

  • Browser-based, auto-run CD-ROM presentations that incorporate audio, video, or Flash to give your message some impact
  • Broadcast-quality audio and video training or marketing materials in just about any format: CD, DVD, VHS, MiniDV

You often only have one chance to get your message across. Are you really saving money by doing it in-house if it doesn't get the job done? Wouldn't you rather free up that time to do the real work you do? Whether you already have some materials assembled, or need to build some media from the ground up, drop us a line. Maybe we can help you save some time. Time you might rather spend on doing what you really do.

Audio & Video

Audio Services
We've provided soundtrack material for theater, film, and video since 1983. Whether you need original material for a piece you're creating, or royalty-free recordings to add to your library, feel free to contact us.

Video Services
With our creative partners, we can also provide you with an end-to-end solution for your video needs. From the initial steps of scripting and storyboarding, all the way through to editing and post-production, we can help you create unique, impactful material for anything from short, web-ready video clips to a full-length feature.


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