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This Page Will Self-Destruct In 13 Seconds

That's how long a typical user stays on the average web page, so we'll try to be brief.

We Write Great Stuff

We're joking, of course. Writing copy that describes your product is easy...and usually a waste of time. Consumers are almost completely immune to most conventional advertising. A couple of thoughts:

  • Ever notice that ads for major products never mention the product anymore?

  • If a business tells you they have the best product around, do you believe them?

Like the buddha at the hot dog stand...

..."one with everything" is a good approach to writing for the web. Balance the concept, images, and words, and you have a good chance of actually communicating.

We're almost done.

We write copy. We usually roll this into the process of creating a web site or print material, but also provide copywriting as a stand-alone service.

For a quick example of our work right now, visit Amara Conservation's web site. The newsletters are a good example of some multipurpose copy we've written: cleverly headlined, informative, and brief; they're intended for both the web and print. We wrote all of them except the March 2005 issue (highlights of 2004 news). We also wrote most of Amara's site copy, as we do for most of our clients.

Feel free to contact us if you'd like to see more samples or talk about working together. We'd be especially excited to work on something edgy that would allow us to stretch our wings a bit.

Stuff We Do:

Direct Mail Concepts
Conventional Ad Copy
Training Manuals
White Papers
Voice-over Content

Last Updated: April 2005

Wow. You're actually reading the sidebar copy.

Usability studies show that this is one of the last things people look at on sites they're not familiar with. This area is often unconsciously perceived by the user as sponsored links or banner ad space.

We'll oblige. If you don't hire a professional writer, at least consider picking up a style guide if you don't have one:

AP Stylebook

As the Amazon editorial review says:

"The world is divided into two types of people: those who wince when they see the words Canadian geese in print, and those who don't."

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