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A New Business Model
The established American music industry is still reeling from the big surprise...

More important than the fact that their way of doing business is completely obsolete is the fact that they can't wake up and change, because much like the auto industry or other industries that are for all practical purposes "tolerated monopolies", it's easier to buy the competing technology and adapt it suit your needs than to actually compete with it creatively.

This is how Microsoft grew.
This is how the "Big Three" grew.

It simply won't work with popular music.


Primarily, in this instance, because the people producing the product (the current generation of bands and songwriters) are far too savvy about how to shop their wares, and far too aware of where the income generated from their "unit sales" goes.

We're banking on the intelligence of the current crop of 16-30 year old musicians, and the ignorance of the established industry to create a unique distribution channel for original, unsigned artists.

We're currently doing detailed, nationwide market research as we refine our concept in preparation for the launch of the test run of our project.

Please contact us with inquiries or take a moment to complete our survey.


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