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This is an archived page.
This Ian Gray does Ambient Music and soundtracks, as well as ranting about politics, movies on DVD, and things in general. This may not be the Ian Gray you were looking for. This begs the question: Who is the real Ian Gray? It seems at one moment Ian Gray lives in Australia, buying the domain name iangray.com without asking all the other Ian Grays if they mind. The next moment he's working for Novatel in the U.K., or singing baritone. The next moment he's fishing or traipsing around Europe painting.

Ian Gray  - 2001 CD

"... in the fine tradition of suave Europeans who strip away all apparent emotion to create simultaneous dance tunes/existential statements...

...He's from Michigan, but it still works..."

Tim Quirk, Listen.com

We'll stick with the Ian Gray that does Ambient Music


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