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Free Java Applets
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Java Applets

There should be a spinning cube above. If you click on a side, that will bring it forward, and then you can double-click to visit that page. All of which highlights why we don't use Java Applets very much. It took a full sentence to explain its function, which you may or may not have ascertained intuitively.

Web applets are usually much more fun than they are functional. Although well-written applets can serve a purpose, for general web use their drawbacks include slow load times, cross-platform compatibility issues, and often counterintuitive functions and interfaces. That doesn't stop them from being amusing though. Visit the links at the bottom of this page for free Java applet downloads.

Java Vs JavaScript:

There always seems to be some confusion in terminology when people talk about JavaScript, Java and Applets, so we've taken definitions from CNET's computer glossary:

Sun Microsystems' Java programming language: "simple, object-oriented, distributed, interpreted, robust, secure, architecture-neutral, portable, high-performance, multithreaded, dynamic, buzzword-compliant, general-purpose programming language."

"Designed by Sun Microsystems and Netscape as an easy-to-use adjunct to the Java programming language, JavaScript code can be added to standard HTML pages to create interactive documents." (See our JavaScript page)

"Applet is a diminutive form of app (application), and it refers to simple, single-function programs that often ship with a larger product. Programs such as Windows' Calculator, File Manager, and Notepad are examples of applets."


Tons of free applet downloads. You can find that spinning cube there. Not much in the way of documentation for a lot of them.

Home to annoying Geocities Homepage classics like the "Wavy Lake". As the description says: "Sheer fun is this applet!"

The Applet Depot
Some applets created by a fellow named Eric Harshbarger.

Mandomartis' Violent Playground
Amusing gun-toting Applets. We especially like the "Airstrike Menu". The developer was courteous enough to provide a parental warning for violence. They'd never get a job with the MPAA.

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